Lifting Injuries at Work

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What’s the most common type of workplace injury? It’s no surprise that more workers are hurt on the job while lifting something than in any other activity. There’s almost no type of industry or manufacturing that doesn’t require someone to do some lifting. But you might work in an office and sustain an injury from lifting or moving boxes of files.

You may not be lifting a heavy object, but suffer debilitating injury from lifting the same items over and over, for hours at a time. If you’ve suffered an injury at work caused in any way by lifting something, you want an experienced lawyer to help you get the benefit you deserve.

At Voorhees Law, LLC, with offices in Somerville, we have protected the rights of injured workers in New Jersey since 1998. We have an in-depth understanding of the laws and procedures governing a workers’ compensation claim and will take the time to keep you informed at all times, so that you can make the right decisions about your future.

We’ll be a strong advocate for you throughout the process, from the preparation and filing of your application for benefits through any appeals that may be required.

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When You Have Suffered a Lifting Injury at Work

We handle all matters related to a work-related lifting injury claim, helping you timely file your application for workers’ compensation benefits and making certain that you get the medical care you need.

We’ll help you gather all medical evidence to support your claim, and will be your voice with your employer, the workers’ compensation insurance company and in all legal proceedings.

We take cases involving any type of lifting injury at work, including:

  • Repetitive stress injuries from lifting the same types of object over and over
  • Traumatic injuries caused by lifting an object that is either too heavy or unbalanced

We represent clients who have suffered neck, back, shoulder, knee, leg or other bodily injury in a lifting accident.

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