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If you work in a warehouse or a manufacturing plant, you know that the risk of injury is always present. You may suffer debilitating pain from a repetitive motion or stress injury, or you could be injured in a slip and fall. Lifting injuries are common in warehouses and there’s always a danger that a machine could malfunction. If you have been hurt on the job working in a warehouse or manufacturing facility, you have a right to seek workers’ compensation benefits, but you want an experienced and knowledgeable attorney to protect your rights.

At Voorhees Law, LLC, in Somerville, New Jersey, we have fought for the rights of injured workers in New Jersey for nearly two full decades. We are well-versed in the laws and procedures governing a workers’ compensation claim, and know how to take the right steps to ensure that you get all the benefits to which you are entitled. We’ll work with you throughout the process, from the preparation and filing of your initial claim for benefits through any appeals. We’ll keep you up-to-date on all developments in your case, as well as your options, so you can make good decisions about how you want to proceed.

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Fighting for the Rights of Injured Warehouse or Manufacturing Workers

We handle all types of claims involving injuries to warehouse or manufacturing employees, including cases related to:

  • Slips and falls on the job
  • Falls from heights or falling objects
  • Lifting, pulling, pushing, bending or squatting injuries
  • Malfunctioning machinery, equipment or tools
  • Repetitive stress or motion injuries, including injuries caused by standing, bending, crouching or twisting for long periods of time

We handle claims involving injury to any part of your body, from broken bones to pulled muscles, from ligament or tendon injury to cuts, bruises, burns and loss of vision or hearing.

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We take all workplace injury claims on a contingent fee basis. There will be no attorney fees unless we obtain compensation for your losses.

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