Common Mistakes in Workers’ Compensation Claims—Part Two

Common Mistakes in Workers' Compensation Claims—Part TwoThe workers’ compensation system can be challenging, even when you do everything according to the book. You don’t want to risk disqualification for benefits by failing to follow certain basic procedures. In an earlier blog, we talked about the importance of notifying your employer as soon as possible and of filing your claim in a timely manner. Here are some additional mistakes to avoid.

Don’t Focus on the Major Injuries and Ignore the Minor Ones

A common mistake injured workers make is to tell health care providers only about significant injuries. You need to inform your doctor or physician about anything that’s out of the ordinary. Don’t focus on the broken leg and fail to disclose the pain in your lower back or the discomfort in your other foot. It’s all tied together.

Don’t Ignore Your Doctor’s Orders

Even if your benefits are approved, you’ll remain in the care of a physician until you have fully recovered or have reached maximum medical improvement. The workers’ compensation insurance provider will likely monitor your progress. If there’s evidence that you are not doing what your doctor prescribes to obtain maximum recovery, you may lose your benefits.

Don’t Accept a Single Unfavorable Medical Opinion

Your employer and the workers’ compensation insurance provider will probably require that you submit to an examination by a company-selected doctor. If that doctor says you don’t have an injury that prevents you from working, you have the right to seek a second and even a third opinion. You can always go to your personal physician and should do so.

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