Common Mistakes in Workers’ Compensation Claims—Part Three

Common Mistakes in Workers' Compensation Claims—Part ThreeWhen you have been hurt on the job, you need to be extremely careful when seeking workers’ compensation benefits. Your employer and the workers’ compensation insurance company both benefit by minimizing any payments made on your claim. Here are some basic mistakes you want to avoid when seeking workers’ compensation benefits.

Don’t Go Back to Work Until You Are Ready

Don’t be surprised if your employer applies pressure to try to get you to return to work as soon as possible. After all, paying your claim costs them money. The insurance company will likely do the same thing. You may even get an offer from your employer to return to work in a different job with different pay. Don’t ever accept the job without consulting with your doctor and with your legal counsel. Furthermore, if the company doctor says you are ready to return to work, you can seek a second opinion from your own doctor and can appeal the decision to terminate your claim.

Don’t Turn Down Work That You Can Do

If your doctor has cleared you for limited duty, see if you can find work that is suitable. If you do go back to work, with limited duties and a reduced wage, you might be able to recover workers’ compensation benefits to cover some of the difference in pay.

Make Certain Your Disability Rating is Correct

If you have some level of permanent disability, the Workers’ Compensation Board will assign you a rating and you’ll receive a settlement based on that rating. Don’t agree to the rating given to you without consulting with your attorney. The rating can be appealed.

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